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Our Business

Coal Preparation & Mineral Processing Engineering

HOT Mining is a professional process engineering company.

HOT Mining can provide integrated engineering services for Coal Preparation and Materials Handling Plant (CHPP / CPP / Coal Washery / Coal Washing Plant) & Mineral Processing Plant (MPP). All our services include feasibility study, engineering design (3D), procurement, project delivery and operations, details as below.


BOO Services

HOT Mining is able to provide BOO series services with our capital partners who are interesting in coal preparation projects. Note. BOO services only focus on coal preparation project.

Underground Mining

HOT Mining has established a Joint Venture (JV) with SCCGDI who is a local professional mining engineering design institute. Basis on this JV, HOT can provide underground mining engineering services for our clients. Thus, HOT could do more support job from very beginning for new mines and upgrade mines. HOT hopes to be more helpful.

Operations Capability & Intelligent System

HOT Mining provides a complete operations management service. Our team includes experienced operators, site managers, and operations support staff.

HOT will provide the on-line & real-time operations intelligent system to help plant management and support decision-making. It could guarantee better operation performance and help to improve plant's profit.