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Great transformation! Smart Technologies Make Shandong Fucun Intelligent Coal Preparation Plant Stunning

Recently, China Coal Industry Association released the excellent project of in-depth integration of two modernizations in the coal industry in 2019-2020. The project of "construction practice of intelligent coal preparation plant" of Fucun coal industry company was listed among them, becoming the only selected project of Zaozhuang Mining Group.

"We implemented the deployment of the fourth quarter work conference of the group company, adhered to the principles of practicality, practicality and effectiveness, and used modern information technology and artificial intelligence technology as means to make the dream of creating intelligent coal washing plant and 'black light plant' illuminate the reality," said Zhang Daofu, manager of the company.

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One key start and stop of forward (reverse) coal flow, intelligent density tracking, automatic clean coal distribution, intelligent quantitative coal feeding, on-line automation of filter press, flotation automation, intelligent lighting, intelligent fault detection of transportation equipment, intelligent inspection robot of belt conveyor... At present, all PLC controlled equipment and detection data in the company's coal preparation plant Production information and equipment operation status can be controlled and viewed in real time through post pad, which realizes the transformation of post management from "special person on duty" to "unattended and special person for Patrol".

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The coal washing plant of the company promotes the automation of operation and maintenance patrol inspection, designs and constructs the power monitoring platform of the coal preparation plant, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of the distribution system and the goal of "no one is safe" in the distribution room. By installing detection sensors and protective devices on key equipment, timely and effective predictive maintenance was carried out, and the maintenance efficiency was improved by 60%. By building the safety production information supervision platform, developing the CMEs platform of the coal preparation plant of Fumei company exclusively, and overlapping 598 intelligent in-process control equipment and 256 video follow-up lenses, the four-level closed management of hidden danger investigation of mobile terminal, real-time display of production centralized control monitoring, real-time push of production data information, equipment management, fault alarm and detection and post inspection management are realized. With the mobile terminal, the integrated management of instant messaging, supervision and control can be realized, which greatly improves the security and stable production capacity.

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"Based on big data analysis, we use clean coal ash on-line detection technology, combined with the production data accumulated over the years, to establish the mathematical model relationship between clean coal ash change and dense medium separation density, which can automatically regulate the medium density in real time." Liu Zhaoxue, director of the coal preparation plant, said that they have developed and applied one key start and stop, video follow-up control 12 intelligent control systems such as slime water balance control have realized "unattended" at 7 posts such as clean coal bunker, raw coal bunker and concentration pump house.

Intelligent construction is changing the management and operation mode of mine washing. At present, the company's coal preparation plant implements the application of web and pad, which can replace manual on-site operation, reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve labor productivity. Through the development and application of coal washing production mobile management system app, it has the functions of equipment start and stop, fault emergency stop, fault reset, control mode conversion, communication between operation stations and so on. It can master the production information at any time and realize accurate remote operation.

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