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Prospect of Intelligent Development

Intelligent Technology

The traditional automation system can be abstracted as perception + execution logically. Sensors collect data and execute actions through actuators. The difference between intelligent system and traditional automation is that in addition to perception and execution, the link of understanding and recommendation is added. The data of sensor demand set is analyzed and understood, and the implementation scheme is selected through various algorithms, and finally transmitted to the actuator landing implementation.

Intelligent construction can be summarized as four progressive levels, namely, the number of scenes, the network governance of teaching and approval, the network intelligence, and the intelligent platform. The first layer is to digitize the scenes that need to be connected with Internet of things and turn them into information that can be identified; the second layer is to connect through the network; the data of scenes and devices are networked through the Internet technology; this is a process of IOT; the third layer is to analyze and process the integrated network management; the fourth layer is to upgrade the intelligent system to the platform level, realize the integration from part to whole, from depth to horizontal.

Development Trend of Intelligent Coal Preparation

Infrastructure Needs to be Improved

At present, the production link of coal preparation plant is composed of independent mechanical and electrical equipment, including some stand-alone automation equipment (system). In the process of automation and intelligent upgrading practice, part of the work is to upgrade a certain system link, so the intelligent stand-alone equipment (system) will be the development trend of coal preparation equipment manufacturing in the future.

In the process of coal preparation, intelligent "understanding" and "recommendation" are inseparable from the accurate detection of instruments. At present, there are many online detection pain points in the coal preparation industry, including the accurate online detection of coal quality, the detection of equipment abnormal fault, the online monitoring of medium consumption, the online detection of system "rough" and so on. A coal preparation plant and B coal preparation plant intelligent system introduced X-ray ash meter, pulp ash meter to solve the problem of online detection of coal quality, using machine vision technology to realize the online detection of scraper conveyor fault, bucket operator accumulation, are successful attempts in sensing and detection, there are still production problems to be solved in the future, targeted sensing and detection technology breakthrough will be an important foundation for the future development of intelligence.

The Vertical Integration of the System was Further Deepened

The Internet industry is booming with the help of information technology (IT), and now the industrial Internet is in the ascendant. Industrial operation technology (OT) includes 6m elements: material, machine, method, measurement, maintenance, management and model. It has strong professional attributes. The deep integration of T and OT is the password to crack the industry intelligence.

If we want to realize the close combination of IT and OT, we need to ensure the depth of vertical integration of intelligent system and the design and development of partial customization, which is also a respect for the objective facts of the differences among factories. The further deepening of system vertical integration will also be the direction of further exploration in the future.

Horizontal Integration and Collaboration of Production Organization

The construction of intelligent coal preparation plant and intelligent mine solves the single point problem for enterprises. Large coal enterprises generally extend the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Through the establishment of a platform, the secondary units are horizontally connected and the resources are planned as a whole; Through the establishment of product structure optimization scheduling model, simulation analysis, according to the principle of maximizing economic benefits, intelligent recommendation of the optimal production mode. The integrated and collaborative organization structure of "mining, processing, transportation, marketing, electricity and chemical" of coal enterprises is shown in Fig 3.

Industry Interconnection Becomes Possible

Explore in the coal industry cloud, through the construction of energy cloud platform, real-time monitoring of environmental protection and energy data of coal enterprises in the jurisdiction. The future industry cloud definition will be more imaginative. It should serve the upstream and downstream enterprises of the coal industry. Through data accumulation and connection, it can shorten the cost of information acquisition, accurately match the production services, and realize the value maximization of the whole industry chain and the optimization of resource allocation. Data comes from enterprises, and ultimately serves enterprises. Individuals in the industry will benefit from it.

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Fig. 3 Structural diagram showing the business integration of coal mining,preparation,transportation,marketing,power generation and chemical sectors

According to the intelligent manufacturing system architecture in the national intelligent manufacturing standard system construction guide, the intelligent coal preparation plant is in the red area as shown in Figure 4, realizing the interconnection, integration, sharing and system integration of equipment, unit, workshop and enterprise level. At the present stage, on the one hand, through the construction practice of intelligent coal preparation plant, we should be down-to-earth, constantly improve the intelligent level and coverage, and help more factories and mines to carry out intelligent upgrading; on the other hand, we should aim high and stride forward to achieve the group level cooperation among enterprises, as shown in the red area in Fig 5; the ultimate vision is to realize the industrial links of production, logistics, sales and services in the industry as shown in Figure 6 through industry cloud services.

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Fig. 4 Position of the intelligent coal preparation plant in the framework of intelligent manufacturing system

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Fig. 5 Position of intelligentization of a business group in the framework of intelligent manufacturing system

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Fig. 6 Position of intelligentization of business groups in the framework of intelligent manufacturing system


Through the practice of intelligent construction in a coal preparation plant and B coal preparation plant, some achievements have been achieved in process control, production management, quality regulation, fault early warning, equipment maintenance, etc. Intelligent construction should work closely around "value", scientific and reasonable project organization, overall planning, step-by-step implementation and key breakthrough. Meanwhile, according to the stage of technical level, it can be implemented according to the classification of implementation, pilot and research, adopting the minimum feasible product technology verification + replication, consolidating the foundation of automation, standardization and lean, and paying attention to data application and management and system security.

The infrastructure for the development of intelligent coal preparation still needs to be improved. At the same time, IT and OT need to be deeply integrated to achieve vertical integration of the system. At the level of coal group, horizontal integration and collaboration among enterprises should be realized. Finally, the energy cloud construction can enable the industry to make the coal industry more intelligent!

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