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Characteristics of native gold flotation

 native gold-HOT Mining

Native gold is a mineral that is easy to float,the crystal structure of native gold is metallic lattice,forming the character of the metal bond.

Because of the weak metal bonding force, the native gold has the characteristics of small surface wettability and easy to float.

The production practice shows that the native gold and many heavy metal sulfide belong to the floating minerals,it's easy to be collected by Xanthate Flotation Collectors.

However, due to the content of gold and other factors, the flotation of native gold has the following characteristics.

Most of the native gold in the ore is in the form of fine disseminated,the gold particles must be finely ground in order to achieve the monomer dissociation.

Gold is often  dense associated with sulfide minerals, especially with pyrite,therefore, the sulfide minerals must be selected at the same time in the recovery of gold.

The relative density of gold is very large. In the process of flotation, the gold particles are easy to fall off from the bubble surface after contact with the bubbles.

In oxidized ores, the surface of gold particles is often contaminated or covered by iron oxides.

Gold has flexibility and ductility,in the grinding often showed flake and surface embedded a layer of mineral particles,to make the gold particle surface roughness.

In addition, due to the friction between the solid particles in the grinding process, especially between the steel balls and the strong grinding effect of gold particles, gold grain surface by iron and other metal contamination. All of these characteristics adversely affect the floatability of gold.

Natural gold is not a chemically pure mineral. It is a compound or alloy with other mental. Common impurities in natural gold are silver and copper, followed by iron, secret, platinum , etc. Impurity adulteration on the floatability of natural gold is also a great influence. Because the impurities will reduce the relative density of gold particles, change the structure and reduce the floatability of gold. The more impurities, the more easily oxidized, the more obvious the reduction of gold floating ability. Such as gold in silver and copper, the natural gold surface becomes easy to oxidation, which can reduce the floatability. If the gold is in the form of gold sulfide, its floating behavior is equivalent to sulfide ore, and sulfide ore containing gold after the floatability generally have increased. To sum up, the ore in the gold has both easy to float side, but also has a difficult floating side. In order to fully recover in the actual production process, we should take appropriate measures based on above characteristics. we should develop a reasonable flotation process and select the appropriate technical conditions to eliminate all kinds of adverse effects of gold floating performance of the negative factors and improve the floatability of gold in order to maximize the gold flotation index.

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