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Underground Metal Detector Promote to Increase Reserves For Copper Mine!

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The vast expanse of barren desert is covered with sand, the outcrops cannot be found by surveying the ground. Combined with drilling engineering, potential veins and deposits are delineated through geophysical exploration. In the geological exploration project of a copper-lead-zinc mine in Alashan, China, we mainly use underground metal detectors to complete this geophysical survey.

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Underground metal detectors are characterized by wide detection, accurate positioning, high resolution and easy operation. They are mainly used to detect and identify buried metal objects. In addition to its military applications, they are also widely used in: safety inspection, archaeology, prospecting.Its working principle is as follows:

Underground metal detectors use the principle of electromagnetic induction, which USES coils of alternating current to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field. This magnetic field can induce eddy currents in a metal object. The eddy current, in turn, creates a magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field and causes the detector to ring.

Technical parameters

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1.Detection depth:5-50m  

2. Detection distan cerange :100-1000m

3.Rechargeable battery:8 hours of continuous work


5.Thtemperaure range:45℃ to 85℃

6.Humidity:0~95%(non condensing)

7.16 bit processor speed,40MIPS –16MHz

8.32 bit DSS synthesis chip,wave from output

9.Digital frequency synthesisX20PLL,automatic frequency stabilizer,0.1MHz

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Abnormal distribution diagram by metal detector

The figure shows the anomalies and faults by underground metal detector detecting. Four faults were found that inferred cutting anomalies (or mineralized bodies). Previous ore bodies were less than 300 meters long, and metal detectors have measured more than 1,700 meters of copper ore!

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Work scope of HOT Mining services during the exploration phase

①Technical due diligence

Based on many years of experience in mine investment and M&A both at home and abroad, we help investors do targeted pre-investment due diligence services.

②Mine independent evaluation

We can provide technical reports in accordance with JORC and NI43-101 standards for project M&A, financing and listing. Our professional consultants are often commissioned by financial institutions and large listed mining corporations to conduct reserve audit, mining evaluation, metallurgical evaluation, mining safety and risk evaluation, and environmental evaluation on listing projects or M&A targets.

③Mine exploration project management

  • Project planning and execution
  • Carry out project exploration design and optimization, and strive to obtain maximum benefit with minimum input
  • Application of the latest exploration techniques and methods
  • Drilling contracts management
  • Core compilation and sampling design (including Insert QC samples according to JORC standard)
  • QA/QC design and implementation of geotechnical and hydrologic catalogue monitoring
  • Write compliance report and JORC report

④Exploration quality control service

  • Provide technical review and recommendations for exploration and design schemes to make them conform to INTERNATIONAL reporting standards such as JORC.
  • Provide targeted QA/QC technical guidance and QA/QC system establishment, from sampling, testing, analytical quality evaluation to database management and update.
  • Undertake the quality supervision of exploration engineering construction
  • Establishment, review, geological interpretation and management of database
  • Estimation of resources
  • Technical due diligence

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