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The Application of TBS for Coarse Slurry Separation in Coal Washing Plant

The use of TBS for coarse slime separation in coal preparation plant_Beijing_HOT_Mining_Tech_Co­-Ltd

In recent years, because of its low cost and high separation efficiency, teetered bed separator (TBS) has rapidly become an important equipment for coarse slime separation. Here`s a introduction about TBS separation in coal preparation plant in China.

1.Status of coarse slime separation

With the improvement of underground mining mechanization level, the content of coarse slime in the selected raw coal is gradually increasing. In traditional coal separation process, gravity and dense medium separation are mostly used to separate lump coal. The former mainly includes jig and movable sieve jig for separation, while the latter mainly refers to shallow trough, inclined wheel, heavy medium cyclone and spiral rolling equipment for separation. The lower limit of separation granularity of these coal separation equipment is more than 13 (25) mm. Although the lower limit of separation granularity of jig and heavy medium hydrocyclone can reach about 0.5 mm and 0.15 mm respectively after improvement, the width of separation grade will be increased to a certain extent, and the process operation is complex, so the lower limit of separation granularity of dense medium cyclone is more than 3 (1.5) mm, but in reality it is adopted. Jig separation of coarse slime gets more rare.

TBS_Beijing_HOT_Mining_Tech_Co­-LtdTo solve this problem, some coal preparation plants adopt pre desliming. However, due to the influence of desliming screening effect, there is a problem of slime running coarse, which is less than 1.5 (0.5) mm. If the running coarse part cannot enter the flotation system, it will increase the flotation burden and cannot be effectively separated. At present, the combined separation process of "heavy medium cyclone + coarse slime recovery + slime flotation" is widely used in domestic coking and coal separation plants. This separation process is simple in operation and high in clean coal yield, but the effect of coarse slime recovery is deviated, which is easy to cause coarse slime to enter clean coal, i.e. the phenomenon of running coarse particles, which to a certain extent increases the flotation burden and the ash content of clean coal is high. But it affects the comprehensive economic benefits of the coal preparation plant. Therefore, the establishment of coarse slime separation process is an important way for the coal preparation plant to improve the separation effect of raw coal and the economic benefit of the plant. The coarse slime separation and flotation process should be regarded as equally important. According to the physical characteristics of coal in each mining area, the main coarse slime separation equipment used in China are small-diameter heavy medium cyclone, spiral separator, teetered bed separator, water medium cyclone, etc., the use of these equipment should be determined according to the actual situation of the coal separation plant.


①Compact structure, small floor area, no moving parts, no need of magnetite powder and medicament, low water demand, simple maintenance and low production cost;
②The allowable size of the sieve is larger, and the subsequent demineralization is easier, which is conducive to improving the medium recovery effect and reducing the medium consumption of the heavy medium system.
Beijing_HOT_Mining_Tech_Co­-LtdTBS③ The separation density can be adjusted automatically between 1.40-1.90 g / cm3, and low density separation can be realized.
④It can realize the effective separation of coarse slime, improve the desliming effect of desliming screen, reduce the slime content in the production system, and improve the separation effect of heavy medium cyclone.


①The effective separation particle size is narrow, generally between 4-0.1 mm, the best separation particle size is between 1-0.25 mm, and the best ratio of the upper and lower limits of the feed is 4:1;
②The feeding concentration is strictly required, which is generally between 40% and 60%.
③The concentrate contains high ash fine mud, which can be qualified only after desliming treatment.

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