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MESPROCESS ORE DRESSING AGENT——Substitute of Sodium Cyanide


1.What is Sodium Cyanide?

Chemical Formula - NaCN: White crystalline particle appearance, highly toxic chemical, air-slake easily, soluble in water; poisoning to death via skin wound touch, inhalation and swallow.
Acute Toxicity: LD 50:6.4mg/kg,highly toxic chemical under strict control of the United Nations
Problems causes by Cyanide:


2.About MESPROCESS Environment-friendly Gold Dressing Agent

MESPROCESS Environment-friendly Gold Dressing Agent is a new high-tech product which is used in gold benefication as the substitute for sodium cyanide. At present, MESPROCESS Gold Dressing Agent is a patented product for “ environment friendly gold extraction”. The product, used in gold production directly as the substitute for sodium cyanide without changing original process and equipment, enjoys the advantages such as low toxicity, environmental protection, high recovery, good stability, convenient operation, quick recycle, low dosage, low cost and convenient storageand transportation.

Main Contents and Elements of MESPROCESS Gold Dressing Agent: Carbonized Cyanuric Acid Sodium Salt
Reaction Equation:C6Na3O3H3N6+Au+H2O+O2→Au(C6Na3O3H3N6)2+NaOH 


3.Advantages of MESPROCESS Gold Dressing Agent

Green Product. The product belongs to the ordinary commodity which is appraised
by the authoritative departments.
High Recovery. Generally,the leaching rate and recovery rate will be over 90%.
Stable Function. With addition of effective stabilizer, it can reduce the disturbance caused by hazardous materials such as S and As, etc
Widely Used. It can be used in heap leaching, pool leaching and cabon-in-pulp, for gold and silver oxidized ore, primary ore, cyanidation slag, gold concentrate, pyrite cinder and anode mud etc.
Convenient to Use. With the pH value of 10-12, it’s as the same as the use of sodium cyanide. 


Comparision Data


Heap Leaching Process flow diagram by using cyanide


Heap Leaching Process flow diagram by using MESPROCESS Gold Dressing Agent

MESPROCESS Ore-dressing Agent shows obvious advantage on environmental protection when compare the index of waste water and residue with cyanide. While using MESPROCESS Ore-dressing Agent, the waste water can be discharged without special treatment and it has well satisfied emission standard GB8978-1996.

3. Application cases:


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