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TOP 5 Concerns before Invest a Small Coal Washing Plant (<125TPH)

HOT Mining is NOT ONLY service to mining giants. Our innovation can also help small mining companies.

Mine Boss, MES is your special partner! (MES is a sub-brand of HOT)

If the production capacity of your coal washing plant is less than 600,000 ton per annual, we understand the TOP 5 concerns from you.

① How much is a small coal washing plant?

② How about the yield rate of clean coal?

③ What’s the work scope of contractor (Or what can contractor supply)?

④ When can contractor finish this plant?

⑤ Why choose this contractor?

How much?

The simple jigging coal washing plant is very cheap.


Thermal coal (NO flotation);

Capacity 150,000 TPA ~ 600,000 TPA;

Closed water circuit

Scope: engineering design + equipment supply + guidance of installation + commissioning + operations training

Ex-work price is about USD $ 185,000 ~ 430,000 for each.

Yield Rate?

It’s up to washability; surely, there would be some LOSS of clean coal, but the rate is acceptable compare with the cheap price.

When can finish this plant?

It’s very quick, all design and equipment manufacture can finish in 8 weeks. The installation time is also quick; this is up to installation capabilities by other local contractors. All required installation and civil job is very small.

Typical Construction Period in China (Reference ONLY)

Coal preparation plant construction project needs 2 months, the construction period is expected to 1.5 months.

Construction Project Schedule

Why choose this contractor?

WOW, we know you have your special reason NOW, Choose MES!

Please refer to some technical specification as blow.

If you’re interesting in this simple jigging coal washing plant, just contact us!

Design Commitment:

1. Closed Water Circuit, which meets the environmental protection requirements.

2. When designing, in order to Save Energy and Reduce Consumption, pipeline water system and coal flow system which are mainly adopt gravity flow system.

3. When designing, considering reducing the investment cost, adopting the joint main plant. When the equipment is arranged to meet the maintenance situation, try to compress the height and space of the plant. The design material selection service life is synchronous to the coal mine.

4. When designing, considering improving efficiency and making profit, the lump coal system can be reserved, and the clean coal can be mixed into the filter pressed slime.

Process Description

1. The raw coal system

The raw coal below 50 mm needn’t be broken, directly comes into the jig by the belt conveyor through the feeder under the coal pit.

2. The main washing system

1) 50-0 mm raw coal is put into the three-section jig through the feeder, separating out the clean coal, middlings and refuse. After dewatering through dewatering screen, the clean coal is transported to the clean coal yard by the belt conveyor.

2) After clean coal dewatering, the backwater automatically flows to the fine coal screen to be recycled, 0.5-0.25 mm coarse slime comes into the clean coal belt. Backwater automatically flows to the slurry system.

3) Slurry comes into the high-efficient thickener system through the pump. After concentration, it could be recycled directly by filter press. The slime can be mixed with clean cola or come to sales directly; concentrated overflow flows into the circular pool as circulating water. Realizing the washing water one-level closed circuit.

As sub-brand of HOT Mining, the orientation of MES is to help small mining companies and private owners achieve as much yeild and profit with least investment. With the technical and financial support of HOT Mining, MES could provide investment guidance, engineering&design, equipment supply and installation&commissioning for your small CHPPs.

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