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Comparison and Application of Several Kinds of Common Placer Gold Equipment

      Platinum gold ore equipment no more than the following: fixed chute, peristaltic chute, round jig, shaker. What kind of use? As the case may be.


      Fixed chute, made of simple sticky gold grass, maintenance is simple and even without maintenance, the most widely used, almost all of the small sand gold mine are in use, but the effect is the worst, the resulting loss is astronomical .

      Peristaltic chute, the cost is relatively higher fixed chute, but the election rate is much better than the fixed chute, generally able to reach 92% or more. But maintenance is a bit more complicated. It is characterized by: fixed chute the amount of sand, jig selection of shaking machine, I think this should be the best gold mining equipment.

      Round jig, the election rate than the creep chute to a little better, but the cost of maintenance than the agitation chute is much higher times, small and medium-sized mines simply can not afford.This jig complex structure, high cost, maintenance complexity, need professional wait, bulky large weight (usually tens of tons), can only be used in large-scale mines, small and medium mines can not afford the industry can not afford to use.As for the kind of simple trapezoidal jump, recycling effect and fixed chute almost, and a small amount of sand, a large amount of concentrate, there is no actual use value.

      Shaker is the best of these equipment in the selected equipment, the price is not expensive, but it is too small amount of sand, can only be used for the concentrate processing, the treatment of rough ore can not do anything.

      According to statistics and my own years of experience, the peristaltic chute, jig and shaker selection rate is almost the same, more than 10% higher than ordinary fixed chute, although the initial investment is relatively large, but fixed chute loss gold, the cumulative loss down will be a staggering figure, the cost of equipment is 10 times, or even 100 times.

     In comparison with several gold-selective equipment, sand gold should be configured with "fixed chute + peristaltic chute" with a fixed chute of 3m at the front and a series of peristaltic chutes, as the peristaltic chute and sieve link requires a short sink, short sink Gold felt is a fixed chute, do both.I strongly oppose the use of a single chute fixed sand gold mine, it is both spoil yourself, but also ruined the natural resources.For example, a small mine with a daily capacity of 500 tons of sand (200 cubic meters and 50 loaders of about 70 shovels), with a fixed chute (15m in length) to recover the gold 50g, and with our recommended combined process, At least 10%.On the other hand, this short and pithy selection and selection system, the energy is also a lot of benefits, the system is small, small footprint, mobile convenience, more importantly, greatly reduce the height of the table, reducing feed water of the cost of the rough material on the slide,converted into diesel, about 10ml---30ml/tm, while peristaltic chute water consumption is slightly smaller than the fixed chute, but also save a little pumping costs.Placer gold production time is very limited, coupled with equipment failure and maintenance time, and the real production time is indeed very limited, we are the North, only five months a year production time, every day is prime time. But every day clear chute work, delay a lot of time, such as the mine, 15m long fixed chute, clean up again, at least 2 people spend 1 ---- 1.5 hours, a bit of a waste of time. The peristaltic chute cleaning chute work, as long as a person 10 minutes to get.

Is the use of the peristaltic chute complicated to maintain? Failure rate?

     Peristaltic chute use and maintenance is very simple.Can be used alone or in series with the fixed chute, connected to the electricity on it, and fixed chute installation is not much difference.The hardest at best is for the rubber sole (Single-layer 3 - 6 months for a time, a rubber money to get 100 yuan. Double thickening of the year to two years for another), two unskilled workers to use 2 or 3 hours.

     For concentrate treatment, I recommend using our weir-type shaker specially developed for placer gold. If not, use the peristaltic chute to re-concentrate and manually shake or shake the bed. All artificial hand shake only in the case of last resort.

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