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Mine intelligent mining overall solution ---- wireless remote control automation series

Mine professional line of sight wireless remote control system

Mine wireless remote control system based on WIFI and other wireless communication technology and Canada mine wireless remote control system security control strategy, for various types of mining machinery, to provide wireless remote control solutions. Operators to array remote control unit, within 100m away from the mining equipment, through the eyes around the situation, remote operation, to achieve a variety of functional equipment action.


Plan1 Remote control system of roadheader


1. Meet the mining requirements of hazardous areas, to ensure personal safety.

2. Wireless remote control is simple, action sensitive and reliable.

3. Remote control equipment, stable and reliable, maintenance and replacement components are very convenient.

4. Wireless remote control device using frequency time-division system, wireless signal stability, anti-interference ability.


Use range:

Mine boring machine (various brands, various models)


Mine unmanned remote control boring manchine-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd

Remote control function:

1. Proportional control: left track advance and retreat, right track advance and retreat, boom lift, boom around, star wheel speed.

2. Switch control: system start and stop, bell, star wheel positive and negative, shovel

plate lift, back support lift, transport around, transport lift, a transport positive and negative

start, two transport start and stop, cutting telescopic, cut low-speed start and stop,

cut high-speed start and stop, pump start and stop, spray start and stop, emergency stop button.


Plan2 Loader remote control function

Remote control function:

1. Proportional control: left, right, lower arm, lift arm, loading, unloading, throttle control, forward control, backward control.

2. Switch control: Speaker, remote manual switch, front light control, rear light control.

Loader remote control function-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd

Plan3 Remote control function of scaling jumbo


1. To meet the mining requirements of hazardous areas to ensure personal safety.

2. Wireless remote control is simple, action sensitive and reliable.

3. Remote control equipment is stable and reliable; maintenance and replacement of components are very convenient.

4. Wireless remote control device adopts frequency and time system, wireless signal stability, anti-interference ability.

5. Remote control and hand control function freely switch, can be used for dangerous areas for unattended operation.

Use range:

Pile hair cart (various brands, various models)


Mine unmanned remote control pry car-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd

Remote control function:

1.Proportional control: left and right steering, left and right out of the jack and retracted, NO.1 arm pitch, NO.2 arm pitch, turn left, turn right,NO.3 arm pitch, hammer tilt, hammer swing, throttle;

2. Switch control: front / tail light, working / outrigger / running mode selection, forward / neutral reversing switch, power switch, bulldozer lift, two arms telescopic, broken hammer, start, stop, key switch, emergency stop. 

Remote control-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd

Plan 4 Remote Control System of Trolley

Underground electric locomotive remote control system is the use of frequency conversion technology, micro-electronic control technology, underground GIS technology, downhole high-precision positioning technology and high bandwidth, high reliability networking technology, combined with production scheduling optimization model to achieve underground electric locomotive remote control and speed cruise Self-running. The system satisfies the trend of mining modernization, laying an important foundation for digital mining.


The system consists of monitoring center, underground WIFI backbone network, locomotive control system composed of three parts, the network architecture as shown above monitoring center includes: remote control console, media server, scheduling server, scheduling, PC monitoring software. Downhole WIFI backbone network includes: core switches, backbone switches, multi-function gateway, WIFI base station. Locomotive control system includes: locomotive controller, mine explosion-proof camera, dynamic signal machine, switch machine, axle counter.


Remote Control System of Trolley-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd

System functions:

1. the system can accurately detect the locomotive position and track occupancy, underground production-related information through the wireless network to the monitoring center, to achieve optimal scheduling of production operations;

2. Real-time detection of ore / ore discharge point of material information, to achieve locomotive and ore / discharge of the precise control;

3.Combine the locomotive position information and operation plan to realize the correct linkage of the turnout and the remote control driving of the locomotive, and realize the remote control, self-running and manual driving seam switching;

4. Collecting the locomotive itself status information and track information, the status of the electric locomotive itself and safe driving a comprehensive diagnosis;

5. Can accurately record the operating data of electric locomotives to achieve with the mine management and production performance management;

6. Can be more convenient and accurate grasp of the overall load of the electric locomotives, the maximum play the transport capacity of the train.


Plan5 Remote control system for trackless equipment

It is mainly used in the remote remote control environment of metal mine and nonmetallic mine. Under this environment, the remote MESH network based on WLAN technology standard or 3G / 4G wireless communication network can realize the remote control management of the vehicle.


Remote control system for trackless equipment-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd


1.One to one remote controltelecontrol unit remote control of a variety of mobile machinery downhole through the remote control handle, foot pedal, buttons, etc., to achieve the desired function of action.

2. Multi-machine control: remote control system can achieve one-to-many control. In one-to-many control, a remote control handle unit or remote control seat can control two or more locomotive units makes the locomotive joint operations to improve production efficiency.

3. Locomotive navigation: based on 2.4G wireless local area network, ELinkCS locomotive autonomous navigation algorithm, laser scanning recognition system can realize the scraper autonomous navigation function. In the scraper loading and unloading can be completed after the autonomy to the loading area or discharge Area. So as to realize the high efficiency ore-discharging work of the scraper on the mining method of the metal mine.

Remote control room-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd

Main functions:

1. Remote control: by the control center to send commands, remote control drilling rig, excavator for a variety of actions. Including forward, reverse, throttle, turn left, turn right, boom, arm, loading, unloading, parking brake, auxiliary brake, fire, engine start, speed, emergency stop, headlights, rear lights, speakers And various protection measures;

2. Video surveillance: locomotive front and rear were installed network camera for remote monitoring of the working environment. The camera should be dust-proof processing, the video data directly through the 4G network to upload to the monitoring center;

3.Sound and light alarm: when the locomotive running condition monitoring parameter exceeds the set threshold, the car mobile terminal issue sound and light alarm, while the alarm upload to the monitoring center;

4. Driving record: the car mobile terminal automatically records locomotive running a variety of actions and status, similar to the black box. When the locomotive failure can be read directly through the serial port. Including: oil pressure, oil level, engine temperature, transmission oil temperature, gearbox oil pressure, brake oil pressure, brake oil level, fuel tank level, mileage, driving time, engine working condition, braking state, Neutral state, locomotive forward, backward, throttle, turn left, turn right, lift arm, lower arm, loading, unloading, brake, fire, engine start indication, etc.

5. Path learning: locomotive installation mode switch (manual, learning, remote control). Selecting the learning mode, the operator driving the locomotive in the planning of the road on the model of travel, and the on-board mobile terminal records relevant information for use in autonomous navigation.

6. Autonomous navigation: by the monitoring center to send instructions to the locomotive work in autonomous navigation mode. In the autonomous navigation, the vehicle-mounted mobile terminal autonomously travels according to the learned route. Through the odometer and GPS to determine the exercise distance, the angle sensor to adjust the attitude, the front part of the installation of the laser scanner to identify roadblocks scanning and the corresponding treatment. Autonomous navigation with a driving safety zone, alarm zone, dangerous parking area identification;

7. Manual intervention: autonomous intervention allows manual intervention, that is, through the monitoring center to send manual intervention instructions, by the mobile terminal analysis and execution of the command;

8. Operating mode: locomotive has a variety of operating modes, including: manual control, path learning mode, remote control mode. These three modes are switched on and off in the locomotive, when you select the remote control mode, you can choose whether to enable autonomous navigation mode, automatic discharge mode in the monitoring center;

Use range: Scraper, drilling rig and so on.

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