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Project Design of Gold Refinery Plant (Gold-loaded Carbon Treatment)

1.Smelting Process

Adopting exclusive production technology which is proved to be effective by Zijin Mining Group: gold-loaded carbon non cyanide electrodeposition of high temperature and high pressure, coarse gold slime pyro-hydro purifying method, degold carbon pickling-pyrogenic combined regenerative method. There are four production systems according to the above-mentioned process: analytical electrodeposition, refining, regeneration of activated carbon and waste-water treatment. Deal with the waste gas (acid mist) and waste-water.

2.Smelting Process Flow

Smelting Process Flow-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd

       Smelting Process Flow-Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd.(1)jpg

3.Selection of Technical Indicators

Gold content of gold-loaded carbon of this plant is 1.5g/kg which is expected to reach more than 2 g/kg. Design indicator is 1.5 g/kg, specific indicators are as follows:

Annual capacity: 3704t                  Gold bullion: 4999.9kg/a

Gold content of gold bullion: 99.99%       Gold bullion recovery rate: