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5G Unmanned Underground Mining Dump Truck Tele-remote Control Operation System

Tele-remote control is modified in the original models of electrical and hydraulic system design, electronic control system to join the communication system and remote control procedures and remote control system, in order to achieve remote control system on the field device operating functions of the remote control.No alt text provided for this image
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  • The driver of the ‘5G Unmanned Mining Dump Truck’sits in front of the equipment, remotely operating the mine truck that is 1,000 meters underground, and easily completes a series of actions such as forwarding, reversing, and turning.
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  • The picture shows the ‘5G Unmanned Mining Dump Truck’traveling on a 1,000-meter underground transportation plane.
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  • In fact, Tele-remote control system is not as complicated as we imagined: an electronic screen, a set of equipment similar to a racing game, and a console marked with gear information, these are the basic control components, try to restore the real driving The operating experience reduces the difficulty of the operator's work, even similar to the racing game .
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  • The mining area is located at the northern foot of Longshou Mountain and the southern edge of the Alxa Terrace. It is responsible for nearly 70% of the company's internal raw material supply tasks. The mine has been built for more than 30 years. From the original designed annual output of 990,000 tons to more than 4.2 million tons now, it is one of the largest and highly mechanized fill mining mining mines in my country’s non-ferrous metal industry; it is the world's largest use of mechanized mining. The largest and fastest-growing mine among the filling and cementation mining method mines has made great contributions to China's nickel and cobalt industry.
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