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----“ The first professional handbook of coal industry in China ” & “ Know-How and Understanding of the 10 golden year’s development of China coal industry ”

China has maintained a consecutively rapid growth in economy in recent years but at the price of sacrificing the environment. Coal industry is not influencing the economy of China, but the environment. Coal industry plays an indispensable role in improving environment condition. China is the largest country of coal production and coal consumption, but closed more than 1000 coal mines in 2016 to reduce surplus capacity and manage the energy and protect environment.

So is it a HOT POTATO ? Reasonable exploitation and utilization of coal is the main thing we must do now and in the future, which should rely on the development of clean coal technology and coal chemistry for the sustainable development of coal industry..

However, how about the history of development of coal industry in China? How about the prospects of coal industry in China? How to invest in coal industry in China? This book written by Heng Huang (Member of AusIMM) introduces the 10 golden year’s development , current status, development and trends of China coal industry as well as the newly technologies applied to coal mining sector.

About the author

Mr.Heng Huang has over 13 years’ experience in mining and processing projects. He previously served as a Project Director at Techgart Global Beijing, China, and prior to join Techgart, Heng had set up his own business and act as Co-Founder and Vice President (ADSJ Coal Process Engineering Co Ltd). He is the member of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (MAusIMM) now. Heng is a expert who shows good understanding of mining and mineral processing business and also has wide Net-working in this field.

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