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The Future Development of Intellectualization from the Practice of Intellectualization in Coal Preparation Plant(1)

In recent years, the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and a new generation of communication technology have made some achievements in the exploration and application of various industries. After the vigorous development of consumer Internet, industrial internet have begun to emerge. For the coal industry, with the guidance of national policies and guidelines, digital mine, smart mine and other related concepts have been put forward. As an important part of the mining industry, coal preparation industry has also started the intelligent upgrading and transformation. At present, the intellectualization of coal preparation industry is still in the primary stage. In the future, the intellectualization development needs to realize the intelligent upgrading of single equipment and the technological breakthrough of key sensing and detection links, and the deep vertical integration of information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT).

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Intelligent Practice of Coal Preparation Plant

In March 2018 and February 2019, they participated in the intelligent construction of coal preparation plant a and coal preparation plant B respectively. A coal preparation plant is a large coking coal preparation plant with a production capacity of 15.0 Mt/a. the combined process of lump coal shallow trough dense medium + fine coal dense medium cyclone main re separation + coarse slime TCS separation is adopted for production; B coal preparation plant is a coking coal preparation plant with a production capacity of 0.9 Mt/a, which adopts lump coal moving screen jigging separation + three product dense medium cyclone separation + coarse slime TCS separation + slime flotation.

In the construction practice of intelligent coal preparation plant, coal preparation plant a and coal preparation plant B, based on the new generation of intelligent technology concept, deeply integrate Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, mobile communication and other technologies with coal preparation and processing technology. Through building three platforms of intelligent information, industrial data brain, and operation and maintenance, they have formed the intelligent coal preparation brain, intelligent coal blending brain, intelligent coal preparation brain The intelligent production center with the core of slime brain, unmanned loading system, unmanned transportation system and production command system, as well as the supporting intelligent management center for safety, operation and assets, has built an intelligent coal preparation plant with comprehensive perception, real-time interconnection, intelligent decision-making, autonomous learning, dynamic prediction and collaborative control.

Construction Goal

At the beginning of the intelligent construction, the two coal preparation plants determined the intelligent construction goals of improving labor efficiency, stabilizing product quality, improving maintenance level, reducing production cost and ensuring production safety, so as to guide product development.

Construction Content

The functional architecture of intelligent coal preparation plant : from bottom to top, it can be divided into four levels: basic system, intelligent production, intelligent operation and intelligent decision-making, which are progressive layer by layer. The lowest level is power supply and distribution, network, security and other infrastructure construction; the intelligent function is mainly reflected in the intelligent production layer and intelligent management layer, which is divided into four function centers of production, safety, operation and assets; the top level is intelligent analysis and decision-making based on industrial big data. All functional modules rely on the application, data and operation and maintenance support provided by Zhixin(An information technology company), industrial big data and intelligent operation and maintenance platforms.

In the practice of intelligent construction, a coal preparation plant and B coal preparation plant insist on taking the professional technology of coal preparation as the core, taking the value creation of coal preparation plant as the foundation, and taking the information and intelligent technology as the means, realize the automation and intelligence of process control, the mobility and transparency of production management, the online and accurate quality regulation, the customization and diversification of fault early warning, the equipment maintenance is digital and front-end.

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Automatic and Intelligent Process Control

(1) Intelligent filter press. There are 12 filter presses in coal preparation plant of a coal mine (6 in phase I and phase II respectively), which used to be single machine automation equipment. They can only be operated through the field control cabinet, and many operation links rely on the observation and judgment of post personnel, which not only has a large workload, but also has a large demand for personnel. The application of the intelligent filter press module realizes the system automatic feeding, automatic feeding end judgment, automatic queuing and unloading, and mobile terminal monitoring control, which greatly improves the production efficiency. After the pressure filtration system is fully intelligent, compared with the previous average production of 12 slime plates per shift, the production efficiency is increased by 15.4%.

(2) Energy saving regulation of air supply. Since the operation of the air supply and energy-saving regulation system, it has realized the intelligent interval air blowing of the medium bucket according to the set time after the shutdown, and the automatic start-up, stop, loading and unloading of the air compressor according to the pressure of the site air consumption point. On the premise of meeting the normal start-up conditions of the coal preparation plant, the intelligent air blowing system has realized the automatic coordination of each link. According to statistics, the average daily power consumption per ton of coal of six 250 kW air compressors decreased from 0.35 kW · h to 0.17 kW · h, a decrease of about 51%. The energy-saving regulation module for wind power supply greatly reduces the wear and tear of equipment, saves electric energy, and realizes the unattended control of the system.

(3) Concentrate and add medicine. Since the concentration and dosing module was put into use, it has realized the monitoring of the running state of the flocculant adding device, the feed concentration of the thickener, the moving end of the clarifier height of the thickener, and the automatic adjustment of the dispensing concentration and dosing amount. After the intelligent concentration and dosing system was put into operation, the dry slime consumption decreased from 64.95 g/t to 56.12 g/t, with a decrease of 13.6%. At the same time, the consumption of chemicals is reduced.

(4) Intelligent start stop. A coal preparation plant intelligent start-up and stop with system start / stop self-test, system start / stop fault automatic response, background start-up and stop sequence flexible configuration and other functions. In addition, under the protection of start-up power limit, the reverse coal flow sequence can be broken to realize synchronous start-up of multiple systems. The on-site workers can also use the handheld mobile terminal to check the start-up and stop process in real time. Compared with the traditional start-up mode, the start-up time is reduced from 40 min to less than 15 min, and the power consumption of a single start-up is reduced by about 3500 kW·h; the stop time is reduced from 30 min to 20 min, and the power consumption of a single stop is reduced by about 1500 kW·h. Intelligent start-up and stop can shorten the idle time of the equipment, reduce the invalid wear of the equipment, and greatly improve the comprehensive efficiency of the equipment.

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Mobile and Transparent Production Management

(1) Mobile intelligent information platform application. Mobile terminal intelligent information platform is to use smart phones to transmit information through Wan, which is suitable for mobile production management of management personnel, post personnel, maintenance and inspection personnel. The subscription module in Zhixin can set the corresponding permissions according to the role and independently subscribe to the concerned information. Managers can obtain all kinds of production and management data in time to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information transmission. The mobile terminal intelligent information platform can also be used for work order management of maintenance and spot inspection personnel, with the characteristics of material application, saving hardware investment, efficient and convenient information transmission, etc.

(2) Production mobile monitoring. The production area of a coal preparation plant is covered by wireless network, and the on-site personnel are equipped with hand-held mobile terminal, which realizes the information monitoring and operation control of the whole plant equipment. After the mobile monitoring system goes online, the frequency of communication between post and dispatcher to obtain production information is greatly reduced, and the real-time sharing of production data is realized.

(3) Coal quality management. Based on the traditional coal quality test process of coal preparation plant, the coal quality test system connects the electronic balance and other test equipment to the Internet of things, and realizes the functions of automatic reading of original test data, calculation and confirmation of test results, automatic generation of coal quality report, query of historical test data, etc.

(4) Energy management. Energy management realizes the real-time statistical function of energy consumption data by accessing the consumption data of power, flocculant, medium and antifreeze. Electric power data can real-time statistics of electricity meter data or electricity consumption per ton of coal in the whole plant, automatically generate daily and monthly consumption reports, and export excel reports; flocculant, medium and antifreeze statistics can automatically obtain system data, real-time generate monthly reports of each shift, from the original manual tabulation to real-time report, reducing the workload of tabulation.

Online and Accurate Quality Regulation

Aiming at the three core separation links of dense medium cyclone separation, coarse slime TCS separation and flotation, combined with the production data collected by each system, the intelligent system of coal preparation plant of B coal mine establishes the algorithm model of product quality control by using the professional knowledge of coal preparation, analyzes and adjusts the separation parameters of each system automatically, and stabilizes the quality of clean coal products.

B coal preparation plant has added X-ray ash analyzer on the belt conveyor of clean coal to monitor the ash content of dense medium clean coal online and in real time, intelligently adjust the density of dense medium separation, ensure the maximum recovery of clean coal resources, stabilize the product quality, improve the yield of clean coal by 0.5%, simplify the post employment by 3 people, and achieve an annual comprehensive efficiency of 6 million yuan.

In the flotation process, the pulp ash meter is used to automatically push the test data every 10 minutes (the push time has multiple gears to be set), and linkage with the data. According to the flotation feeding situation and the flotation clean coal ash, the whole process of dosing and dosing is automatically completed, which realizes the remote intelligent control, greatly improves the flotation effect, and makes the calorific value of the tail coal slime increase from 7.53% MJ / kg is reduced to 6.7MJ/kg, clean coal yield is increased by 0.3 percentage points, and chemical consumption per ton of coal is reduced from 0.43 kg to 0.41 kg, which reduces the cost of chemical consumption for coal preparation plant and creates considerable economic benefits.

188 on-line monitoring sensors are installed on the high-power key equipment in coal preparation plant of a coal mine to monitor the bearing vibration and temperature of belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, water pump and vibrating screen on-line, so as to alarm in time when problems occur. The trend of online monitoring vibration acceleration of desliming screen is shown in Figure 2. Taking 1331 desliming screen as an example, the acceleration value of non motor side vibration exciter was always at 5m/s2 from September 9 to November 25, 2019, and began to rise on November 26. Before replacement on December 14, the acceleration value increased to 62.245m/s2, and the vibration acceleration increased by about 12.5 times in 19 days, indicating that the performance of vibration exciter decreased sharply during this period. Through on-line monitoring of the equipment status, the fault early warning judgment was made in time, and the exciter was replaced in time by using the downtime, so as to avoid the occurrence of production accidents.

A coal preparation plant adopts intelligent on-line monitoring system instead of traditional manual spot check, which greatly improves the efficiency of fault diagnosis and realizes the pre analysis of equipment potential faults. Through the collection and analysis of equipment vibration data, the online monitoring system can timely and accurately judge the health status of the equipment, and point out the damaged parts and degree when it fails, which helps to reduce or even avoid unplanned parking, reduce maintenance costs, and play an important role in ensuring efficient and orderly production.

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The equipment asset management system in the intelligent coal preparation plant realizes the mobile, data-based and intelligent management of the whole life cycle of the equipment, and helps the mechanical and electrical maintenance team to improve the work efficiency. The equipment account is fully electronic and standardized. After the equipment is created, it can automatically generate a unique two-dimensional code, and all relevant information of the equipment can be obtained through on-site equipment code scanning. According to the actual equipment maintenance data, the equipment maintenance management flexibly configures the maintenance plan, automatically generates the plan calendar, and pushes the maintenance task on the mobile terminal; the spare parts management accurately grasps the spare parts records of each equipment, and realizes the inventory mobile query, safety stock timely warning and automatic generation of purchase application.

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