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Company:Chengdu Cobalt Mining Co., Ltd


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Technical Supports & Bidding Commitment for Clients

Technical Supports & Bidding Commitment for Clients

 Reference only, details shall discuss later

1. Local Team

Beijing HOT Mining Tech Co.,Ltd would establish a local team to provide technical and maintenance supports for client if we win this tender.

Local Technical Services as below

1.1 Coal process engineering supports;

1.2 Coal mining engineering supports, both open cut pit and underground mines;

1.3 Equipment maintenance and parts sourcing supports.

We will also work with client to do a newly design optimization. To help client to reduce construction cost and get a high efficiency and very safe coal mine finally. Design cost will be the same as China standard.

2. Parts sourcing supports

We would also provide supports for parts sourcing in the future.

3. Consignment Sales Cooperation (Spare Parts)

If possible, we’d like to discuss the possibility of consignment sales cooperation for spare parts. This could help our client to reduce cash cost as well as parts cost.

4. Remote Technical Supports

Basis on agreement between client and our technical support team, we will provide a remote support intelligent system for site management purpose. Certainly, our technical team will also inspect the equipment’s status in China and will provide real time solution by internet.

HOT Condition Monitoring (HCM)

HCM is one major part of intelligent system that can monitor machine health at real time. By leveraging machine operating and health information, our technical team provides customer maintenance and repair suggestion timely, so as to prevent catastrophic failure, reduce owning and operating cost, maximize machine uptime.

5. Localization Strategy

Although we are planning to set up local service team in Turkey, we will still cooperate with our agent. All of us have known the importance of localization. We’d like to help our agent to develop better, that means we can support our client better.