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Alpha Boosts the Intelligentization of Coal Preparation Plants in China and Russia


Continuous Remote Monitoring of Sites

Alpha's Solutions and Innovation team have moved their Predictive Maintenance (PdM) project to the next phase of development according to the data curve of early warning and alarm, by importing expert operation and maintenance experience, each alarm is gradually mapped to the accurate fault type and the required measures. Thus through the accurate prediction of the system to guide the field maintenance work, and no longer need expert analysis.

Alpha has developed a web application to monitor trends and alert technical experts of abnormal plant operating conditions. This condition monitoring application will assist remote operations support engineers in detecting adverse equipment or process conditions, preventing extended periods of process inefficiency or premature equipment failure.

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Fig.1 Overview Interface of the PdM system

By adding additional sensors (for vibration and temperature measurement) the sensory feedback has essentially doubled that of the identical plant at the same site.

This enhancement enables monitoring of the process in new ways, including continuous monitoring for rotating equipment which is traditionally only checked periodically. All sensory information is stored in a cloud database for rapid interrogation by remote technical experts.

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Fig.2 Watch this picture showing how Alpha is developing IIoT minerals processing plant monitoring

What ALPHA PdM Bring to Your Mine?

1.Optimize Management Efficiency: Visualization of the operation data and data-driven decision support can make management fleet more efficient and proactive. Enhance the connection of departments in the organization and optimize the data sharing timely and consistency.

2. Improve Mineral Recovery & Grade Production: Improve Mineral Recovery by balancing the variable factors in the processing plants. Based on AI framework and Big Data analysis, Predictive Maintenance brings proactive actions to your plant for guaranteeing the grade production.

3. Improve Technician & Sourcing Efficiency: Predictive maintenance advice of equipment failures can help with improving the cooperation between technician and sourcing department. Technician will be informed with detailed solutions from expert database and ALPHA cloud which can reduce the time cost of shooting troubles. Sourcing department can take proactive actions to make sure spare parts supply timely.

4. Output UP & Cost Down: Take care of your equipment in whole-life-cycle side– from conveyor to centrifuge and loaders. Get Predictive Maintenance advice from experts and ALPHA cloud to improve equipment output. Optimize Maintenance fleet to cut down cost.

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Fig.3 Monitoring Interface of Single Machine Status of Mining Equipment

Smarts for Success

Alpha’s development of this Predict Maintenance(PdM) technology has been underpinned by the support of Beijing Hot Mining Tech Co.,Ltd, one of the shareholders of Alpha. It is an international company focusing on the engineering and technical services of mining and mineral processing and the delivery of complete sets of equipment. Over the years, it has a large number of successful delivery cases at home and abroad, and has the basic conditions for establishing data sources.

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Fig.4 Monitoring Interface of Single Machine Status of Mining Equipment

Case in Russia

Earlier this year, HOT Mining, the shareholder of Alpha, installed two Coarse Coal Centrifuges at a coal preparation plant in Russia. Alpha has equipped both equipment with the PdM system. In order to ensure the long-term performance of the centrifuge, Alpha specially customize the built-in wireless sensor for centrifuge, which can real-time monitor the operation status of the core components of the centrifuge.

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Real-time monitoring of solid particle content in centrifugal fluid, through analysis, real-time understanding of the screen basket wear situation. Convenient and timely replacement of vulnerable parts, reduce abnormal shutdown in production. The early warning information is pushed in real time, and the production personnel can understand the information and process it in the first time.

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