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Company:Chengdu Cobalt Mining Co., Ltd


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3D Engineering Design for Mineral Processing Project and Coal Washing Plant -7

Engineering Capability

    Our Chengdu engineering hub (detailed drawing office) has 181 staff members, who use kinds of drawing software to design in 2D and 3D formats.

    Our engineering expertise covers all aspects of mining. We have the experience to offer full consulting (Pre-Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design, Construction Design, Detailed Drawing, Project Budgetary Estimation, etc.); EPCM (engineering, procurement and construction management) or LSTK (lump sum turnkey, EPC) services for newly construction and upgrade projects.

Engineering Scope

● Open cut mines engineering
● Underground mines engineering, especially in narrow seam and half-edge coal seam mining.
● Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP, Coal Washing Plant, Coal Washery)
● Mineral Processing Plant
● Detailed Drawings Outsourcing for Industrial Project

Collaborative Design

HOT Mining is establishing collaborative engineering networking and data center. We are also developing the digitized integration design system, HOT SmartMine, and HOT SmartPlant, this system can help all engineers to share data and improve design quality.

HOT Mining will provide digitized project delivery to mines and mineral processing plants (coal washing plants / CHPP). Most importantly, our capability will be more than Life- cycle management for mines.

3D Engineering

HOT Mining always devotes to improve and popularize leading technologies of mineral processing. On the project design, HOT Mining developed independently 3D Engineering, successively improving the design of mining and coal project to an absolutely new situation.

During design, HOT Mining adheres to the principles of advanced, reliable, energy saving, environment protection and lower investment, and actively adopt the latest technology, latest equipments. We have a set of unique perfect mind between optimization and amplification, form and sublation, individuality and commonness, non-standard and standard, tight control and development, etc. Aiming at diverse environment and individual needs, HOT Mining will provide unique design proposal of different mineral processing, in order to satisfy the functional requirements and improve project value as maximize possible.

Now HOT Mining have already put 3D technology widely in to workshop layout, non-standard design, pipeline design.

        3D Avantages :

        ★  What you see is what you get——Having Established 3D model, designer can watch the plant layout from any direction and the angle.
        ★  High design quality——Parameterized three-dimensional design, what is very convenient to adjust the position of the equipments, non-standard shape, the position and angel of pipe, greatly improving the design efficiency and ensuring the quality.
        ★  Less design error——When finished design, it can detect structural interference and collision efficiently through the software automatic interference detection and artificial observation. This method figures out design error from the beginning of design, reducing many unnecessary troubles, so as to ensure the project schedule and construction progress.

3D design of coal washing plant-HOT Mining3D design of mineral engineering-HOT Mining3D design of mineral processing-HOT Mining