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HOT's Coal Centrifuges Is Improving Coal Preparation Production In Russia

Since 2020, HOT's coal preparation equipment has been applied in the Russian mine and creating considerable value.



HOT's coal centrifuge, slime coal separator and other coal preparation equipment have been installed in famous Russian mining companies for many times, helping customers to create new production records.  



Since the application of the first centrifuge in Russia, in the past two years, HOT has continuously supplied about 10 centrifuges to Russia, with continue work time for nearly 70000 hours. And their overall performance is very excellent, which makes customers full of praise. Besides, HOT has successively supplied TBS and other accessories to customers to update the original old equipment and continue to create new production records for customers over the past years.

In the near future, HOT will supply Deep depowder roller sieve, XRT intelligent photoelectric sorting technology for Russia, and continue to create new production records for clients.


 Russia is rich in mineral resources



The largest mining group in Kuzbas, Russia's largest coal producer, has been buying HOT's coal preparation equipment since early 2020.


Kuzbas is Russia's "sea of black gold" -- vast coal reserves once turned the region's white snow black.


The production environment in Russia is poor


Most of Russia is in the north temperate zone, climate diversity, temperate continental climate, but north of the Arctic Circle belongs to the cold zone climate. Temperature difference is generally large, the average temperature in January is -18℃~-10℃, and the average temperature in July is 11~27℃. In particular, the high latitude of the mining area, winter is cold and long, which also makes the equipment working in this area, must have stronger performance and endurance.



Indeed, large coal preparation equipment that HOT exports to Russia's gains expected performance in this working environment. The two Russian companies that bought HOT coal preparation equipment, after using several years, are full of praise for the equipment's performance, after-sales and value.




Equipment Introduction

HCC series intelligent horizontal vibrating centrifuges are designed and manufactured by Beijing HOT mining Tech Co., Ltd. It's mainly used to separate suspended solid particles and liquids in mineral processing, especially in coal washing industry.




HCC centrifuge is not only suitable for dewatering of lump coal, but also for the following materials:

Fine grained tailings coal powder

Fine/medium coal fine gravel/sandstone potash ore


Working Principle 

The HCC centrifuge is equipped with a slightly conical screen basket that opens at the larger diameter end of the cone. When working, the screen basket rotates around its horizontal axis and vibrates rapidly along the horizontal axis. The material is fed into the sieve basket from the top of the centrifuge and pressed into the sieve basket by centrifugal force. During this process, surface water is separated from the minerals and forced out through holes in the sieve basket. At the same time, the minerals are transported along the inside of the basket by vibration, and finally, the dehydrated minerals are discharged from the screen.



Predictive maintenance System - Intelligent centrifuge


In order to ensure long-term performance of centrifuges, HCC centrifuges can be customized with built-in wireless sensors that can monitor the operation status of core components of centrifuges.


✓ The device running data can be checked in real time via computer and wechat, and the device warning and alarm information can be pushed in real time.


Predict faults in advance, repair in advance, completely avoid downtime.


✓ Improve the running performance of main components, make the centrifuge runs more efficiently and longer.


The intelligent monitoring tactile sensor is installed in the vibration motor, the spindle bearing of the driving end of the power body, and the spindle bearing of the sieve basket. Real-time acquisition of centrifuge vibration and temperature data and storage uploaded to the cloud. ALPHA Cloud performs intelligent analysis on cloud data. The intelligent algorithm is embedded to predict the operation failure of centrifuge machine and realize the predictive maintenance of equipment.




The solid particle monitoring system can monitor the content of solid particles in centrifugal liquid in real time, and understand the wear of sieve basket in real time through analysis. Convenient to replace wearing parts in time, reduce abnormal shutdown in production. Early warning information is pushed in real time, so that production personnel can understand and deal with the information in the first time.



Cooperation in the Russian market

Mining equipment manufacturers are cordially invited to develop the Russian market.



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