HOT's joint venture in Pakistan was formally established

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HOT's joint venture in Pakistan, Orient Mining Services (Private) Limited, was formally established and started operation.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Coal Washing Plant?

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It is easy to ask the question "how much does it cost to build a coal washing plant", but hard to find the right answers. Since there is a standard response to all!

The IoT Real-Time Monitoring&Early Warning System Has Been Debugged Successfully

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IoT Real-Time Monitoring&Early Warning System is developed by Alpha Industrial Technology Pty Ltd,located in Sydney,Australia,the top country in mine industry.

HOT Took The First Step in Mexico for The Copper Mining Mechanized Development

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After the customer came to Chengdu for technical exchanges last time, HOT personnel and experts went to Mexico to do technical research.

HOT Won Iran Coal Mining and Preparation Integrated Service

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Overall scope of service: Two coking coal mines, complete equipment supply for a total of 6 low coal seam fully-mechanized mining working face, 5 years of contracting services for mining production management, and a 300 thousand ton “Mini” coal prep

HOT Lead African to Prospect Gold

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Friends from Africa had brought HOT the gold CIL project. With plenty of time we played together with gold seeking.

HOT Engineers Went To Pakistan for Coal Mining On-site Investigation

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HOT engineers went to Pakistan to deal with matters of HOT’s joint ventures in Pakistan, as well as on-site investigation of coal mines and gathering information to determine further work content. Coal mining here completely belongs to the "original