• 2018-06-28 14:24:35
Single Rope Winding Type Hoist

The mine hoist(winder) is wildly used in coal mine, metal mine and non-metal mine. The mine hoist(winder) has strong lifting ability for lifting underground personnel, ores, materials, and equipment.

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Single Rope Winding Type Hoist


Main Frame

Two sections (4 petals) are adopted for drum in axial and radial directions. Some parts adopts assembly structure, using the high strength bolts to put together when assembling on site. The drum liner is welded by 16Mn structural steel plate and adopts whole annealing process, which can eliminate the welding stress of the drum; In order to arrange the wire rope neatly and reduce the wear of the wire rope, the plastic lining is installed on the outer side of the drum. 

The plastic lining is generally assembled on the drum in the manufacturing plant, bearing the weight of the whole spindle, the external load and the transfer of all torque. The material is made of carbon alloy steel 45MnMo after forging.Adopting heat treatment to achieve the mechanical properties required by the design, should have sufficient strength and stiffness.Preface encoder interface for spindle end.