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Cutter Suction Dredger

A sand dredger's (CSD) suction tube has a cutter head at the suction inlet, to loosen the earth and transport it to the suction mouth. The cutter can also be used for hard surface materials like gravel or rock. The dredged sand is usually sucked up by a wear-resistant centrifugal pump and discharged through a pipe line on to the land. Sand dredger is a good choice for dredging activities.

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A sand dredger's (CSD) suction tube has a cutter head at the suction inlet, to loosen the earth 

and transport it to the suction mouth. The cutter can also be used for hard surface materials like 

discharged through a pipe line on to the land. Sand dredger is a good choice for dredging activities.


2.2 Simple,rapid assembly and dismantling

2.4 Standard design,allowing early delivery and low price

2.6 Transportable by road,rail or sea

2.8 Fresh water engine cooling system

2.10 One-man operation

3. Product information

Types 10/8 12/10 14/12 16/14 20/18 22/20
Dredging depth(m)91014141515
Full Length(m)212535374044
Hull Length(m)141825263035
Hull Height(m)
Hull Width(m)4.65.2667.58
Main Engine(KW)300450720100012001200
Auxiliary Engine(KW)24242430380380
Cutter Diameter (m)
Suction/Discharge pipe(mm)250/200300/250350/300400/350550/450600/500
Rate of Water Flow(m3 /h)80012002000280035003500

We also can supply other configurations upon customer's request.

For the solution or quotation, please inform us:

1. the required work capacity of water flow

2. the max. dredging depth
3. the discharge distance